Improved gland plate grounding for wall mounted mild steel enclosure simplifies assembly

To make it easier for customers to assemble and ground gland plates, nVent redesigned the mounting screws for painted wall mounted mild steel enclosures.

Now, the underside of each screw head features a “cutting edge” that precisely cuts through the paint on the enclosure to make contact with the gland plate (screw head) and enclosure body (screw thread). The new design meets IEC 62208.

For reference, the new “cutting edge” screws replace the need for the addition of a U-shaped grounding bracket used previously.

This simplified, innovative approach offers customers several advantages:

  • Requires fewer parts and less time to assemble the gland plate
  • Improves grounding by providing more contact points
  • Increases reliability since there are fewer components and less potential for human error

In addition, to make assembly easier and more convenient, the new design uses a Torx (six-pointed star) socket, which offers more control in the screwing operation.

The mild steel enclosure ranges affected are MAS, MAD, MAP.