Extend the life of your critical equipment – request a free nVent HOFFMAN Thermal Audit today!

Most thermal management failures are due to the wrong equipment being used in an application. As temperatures rise, industrial electronics can overheat, causing malfunction and device failure that can lead to machine downtime. A thermal audit helps identify problem areas early on before they become bigger obstacles.

A thermal audit also can help you: 

  • Maximize the lifecycle of electronic devices
  • Prevent catastrophic failure
  • Sustain productivity
  • Maintain equipment warranties
nVent HOFFMAN representatives and distributors offer free thermal audit services (in person or virtually)  that include: 
  • Enclosure inspection – One of our specialists will visit your site to analyze the current ambient temperature and humidity of your enclosures and cooling units, and recommend thermal management improvements to help extend the life of your electronics.
  • Thermal analysis – Then, our specialist will take an in-depth look inside your enclosures to identify problematic electronics and components.
  • Recommendations – Finally, after the audit is conducted, you will receive a personalized report for all the enclosures with solution to help you minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs.
By better understanding your environment, you can select the ideal thermal management solutions for your specific application to help extend the life of your electronics!

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